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Established in 2010, Biaxident Paradigm (BiPa), with direct support from its UK partner, GlobalMSDS Ltd ( provide Safety Data Sheet (SDS) construct, global regulatory & risk assessment support to over 100 companies across the globe. Together with our highly recognised & fully experienced toxicology & transport professionals, BiPa has commissioned in excess of 8000 high quality, cost effective Safety Data Sheets (SDS), in partnership with various businesses & industries to meet their commitments in global hazard communication & regulatory compliance requirements.


Wanting to outsource your SDS production?


Our trained authoring professionals & technical teams can create & update your product Safety Data Sheet (SDS) using our world-class authoring software. Our team of experienced toxicology & ecotoxicology experts will review the available scientific literature & our classification experts will classify your product according to Globally Harmonised System (GHS) (including differing Global revisions), Classification, Labelling & Packaging of Chemicals (CLP) & Transport. Our network of in-house and national and regional linguists will translate any company-specific phrases ensuring an efficient & fast turn-around service. Outsourcing your SDS production to BiPa will ensure you obtain high quality, multilingual product with your corporate branding, on-price, on-time, every time.


Wanting to supplement your existing in-house capability or capacity?


Our transportation classifications, the Annex for substances & associated Exposure Scenarios or just making your existing Safety Data Sheet (SDS) multilingual or in an enhanced format, BiPa provides those elements of support necessary to make your team work more efficient and effective & release your resources so that you can focus on ‘business winning’ opportunities.


Solutions Features

High quality technical teams are at hand to provide you with the technical support you require whether it be with the interpretation of REACH and GHS requirements for SDS - CLP or GHS - or


  • SDS, ext-SDS & labels with your brand recognition

  • Quick turn-around available

  • Trained & experienced staff

  • Expert technical back-up

  • Experienced industry based experts in international regulations

  • Network of local based experts in national regulations & product application regulations

  • All classifications including GHS, CLP etc.

  • Multiple formats

  • Over 38 languages

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