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  • What's the intention of an Safety Data Sheet
    A Safety Data Sheet is a communication tool prepared by manufacturer or importer of a chemical that describes the physical and chemical properties, physical and health hazard, routes of exposure, precautions for safe handling, emergency and first aid procedure, and control measures. An SDS reflects the hazards of working in an occupational environment with the material. Example, a paint SDS is not highly relevant to someone who uses a paint product can once a year, but it is extremely important to someone who uses it for 40 hours a week.
  • Do I have to supply overseas customers with Safety Data Sheet in their language?
    Nearly every country has regulations requiring the SDS to be in that country's local language. e.g. Malaysian Safety Data Sheet must be in Bahasa Malaysia and English, a U.S. or U.K. Safety Data Sheet must be in English, and for Canada it must be in English and French, and so on.
  • Do I need to create a Safety Data Sheet if a mixture has been marked as non-hazardous?
    The claim that the Regulation does not apply to non-hazardous compounds is not totally correct. 1. A supplier shall furnish an up-to-date SDS to a chemical recipient for each hazardous chemical supplied. 2. The supplier shall also furnish an SDS for mixtures (even though it is not classified as hazardous) containing hazardous substances at concentrations as specified in the Fifth Schedule of GHS Regulations
  • When should we update or revise our Safety Data Sheet?
    Chemical manufacturers typically need to monitor, review and update their safety data sheets (SDSs) on a regular basis. Changes are made as necessary as new hazard information is detected, new safety measures information is discovered, or changes are made to product information (i.e. formulation, use). Every country has a different validity for a SDS.
  • Who do I have to give an Safety Data Sheet ?
    The Safety Data Sheet should be supplied by the chemical manufacturers, importers and distributers. Safety Data Sheets may also be obtained from retailers that sell the material or from the internet.
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