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Employers are free to use the following information to raise employees awareness on Safety Data Sheets, within their organization, but they may need to supplement this information with site-specific training as necessary to comply with applicable relevant regulatory requirements. This information is intended to raise awareness on the importance of safety data sheets in the workplace and is for communication purposes only. It is not intended to replace mandated training as required by applicable regulations. We do not gaurantee that the information outlined in the communication videos below is accurate, up-to-date or complete and in no circumstance does the Information constitute legal advice. The user is responsible for independently verifying the Information, if the user intends to rely upon or use it in any way. The communication videos includes information provided to us by third parties and that information may not have been vetted by us. You use all information at your own risk.

The content of these videos is protected under copyright laws. However, some of the photographs and illustrations were obtained from government agencies.


This presentation is narrated, so turn on your speakers, use earphones in full screen mode.

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